Friday, October 11

I thought that Rheingold's essay was very interesting, and very sad at times. I really enjoyed reading the story, and I thought it was the best one yet. It was amazing how they all formed their own little weblog community and came to know each other maybe even better then their next door neighbor. Well I got to go work on math. Have a good weekend.
Wow, you guys are amazing. I wasn't quite sure how you would all 'take' this Rheingold's writings.. but it looks like you are really getting into it! Yeah!

Yes, the assignment was to read Chapter One. We'll decide on Tuesday if you all want to read more of him (compared to other articles) and, if so, what chapters. So maybe, if you get a few seconds, skim the other chapters and see what else you'd like to read.

Also- is it 'better' for me to check this group blog and give points for blogging here OR should I continue to read your personal ones as well? Maybe until your projects get done, I'll just go here?

Hope you all have a great weekend!! See you all Tuesday!

Thursday, October 10

love you 22! JD!
I agree with Rheingold's ideas. Emotion and family are a big part of life. Away to communicate with yuor family is through the internet. I also agree with him when he says that internet is a faster way to do a lot of things. i thought the essay was pretty long though and kind of boring. By the way Shauna I love you!
The Rheingold assignment was very interesting for many people it looks like. I personally thought it was a great piece on emotions and how they effect your everyday life. I think he had many great point to prove,.......even though some were extensive long and boring. He talks about his personal aspects of life....such as his family and his kids! I have to agree with him that blogs distribute a lot about a peron. I know that by reading some of your guy's blogs I have gotten to know a couple of you guys. Even though I have never talked to you in or outside of class I have read your blogs. And some are very depressing and others are very upbeat and fun. I feel as if blogs are some people's way of complaining about how much life sucks. I know I do it! And most everyone does. I am kind of a half way person with blogs....I love them because I think they help for expression and ideas. But I hate them because they give other people the right to judge others.You can't judge me by what I write on ablog because you never would see the real me. The everyday me! But that is a whole other subject. I agree with Rheingold that the internet is a great function and resource. It can be used for a number of things....communication, sources, research, and a lot of other things. But anyway I hope everyone is having a great night and see you guys on Tuesday ....have a great weekend!
Were we supposed to read all the chapters from the Rheingold essay? It seems from the wrtings so far that most people just read the first chapter. Anyway, I liked his views of technology. He put his own personal experiences into his writing and that connected with me pretty well. The whole thing was a little bit long for me, but I still generally liked it.
I really liked this article because you could tell that Rheingold felt really passionate about the subject he was writing on. That subject being the internet altogether and specifically "the well". I never thought about going to hte computer when i hear about something on the news or when i have an emergency, but it is a very good thought. I think that he must have at one time been completely against the internet and maybe one incident changed it all around. I'm not sure about htat, but he writes so passionately as if he had just found something completely new and incredible.
The Rheingold reading assignment for thursday was a new, emotional look at technology, "The Well" in particular. I identified with the author right from the beginning when he said that in any crisis, you need support, or "something to measure against". The use of the net had obviously affected him, and in his opinion, sometimes it can be more beneficial than personal interaction.
He points out the importance of a supportive community.
I found Rheingold's article to be very interesting, also. I think that he discussed some of his ideas in to great of length that it made me lose interest. He took part in an on-line community and found it to be very useful to himself and family. I agree with him when he says that you can get answers to your questions faster on-line than by using other means of communication. His writings are a little hard to follow, but if you really get into them you can understand. I liked he fact that when somebody brings up a topic, that other people in the community will comment or provide support. It also shows how using and on-line commmunity can be useful or can have downfalls. Over the years it will keep growing into a stronger community. I liked this article because it seems to be on a more personal level than some of the other articles that we have read.
Rheingold's novel was pretty long and choppy, but it was fun to read. He talks about raising children and interacting with other parents. He also tells a lot of stories about himself and his family. He talks about how important and useful the internet is in today's society. This paper is an example of people meeting other people by reading blogs. I think this page would be useful for parents, giving them advice and ideas. You can find out a lot about someone by reading their blog.
I read Rheingold's article and found it a bit lengthy. I have to argee with him on finding things on the internet that you don't know about. I am a parent and sometimes it is easier to "look up" information that to actually get ahold of someone with the information. I get on the internet all the time to find out info on just about everything I don't know. What was the Twins final record for the 2002 season? Look it up at Who is on the Timberwolves roster this year? Look it up at The internet makes life so easy. You don't need to leave the house any more.
Rheingold's article took a while to read, but brought up some very good points. Rheingold used a multitude and variety of real life examples to show the real life consequences and dynamics of online communities. In particular Rheingold took part in an online community called the WELL, and this is where his stories originate. The article did an excellent job of explaining through example the wonderful benefits and dangerous pitfalls of such an online community. well i suppose that's all for now.
HI. I finally found Rheingold's article. I thought that it was alright. It was interesting, but it didn't keep me interested throughout the whole thing. For my stretch project, I'm going to do a powerpoint project on dance. I don't think that many people know about dance, so I thought that this would be good to research on. Well talk to you all soon.
Rheingold's chapter was interesting but also kind of hard to follow because it was choppy, but overall kept me interested throughout. Maybe it was so interesting because it was choppy. It's great that the internet can be used as a social group to meet people and stay in contact with them. It sounds like he made a lot of deep relationships with the people he met online.
Chad and I (tom) are working on our strech project together. We have some great ideas and think it will be a stellar project. I am learning by teaching him and working on a project with a partner. I suck at group work because I want to do all of it and take total controll. He seems like a good group member becasue he is interested in the project. We are going to keep track of progress by updating a blog as we go with proplems and snags that come along. The addy is
I found Rheingold's work to be very interesting. I can really relate to how usefull he finds the internet to be. While I dont use it do collaborate with other parents, mainly because i am not a parent, I do use it for a lot of research as well as keeping in touch with distant friends. He does have a good point about how easy it is for people with the same intrests to talk about them as well as share ideas on line. They always say two heads are better than one and in this case your often getting the thoughts of even more than just two people.

Wednesday, October 9

Hello Everyone!!! I just wanted to say hi. It is really late and I should be doing homework, but I thought that I should figure out how to use this page. Shelly is still having some problems with it.(HA) Scott, I thought that your funny paper was very original. It made me want to keep my distance from you.(J/K) No I think that my paper was pretty bad though too. I mean who actually thinks that they have blinker fluid or a muffler belt. Well, Have a great day in class tomorrow everyone!
Ok. I have a really weird story. So i was looking around on xanga tonight at other people's blogs, and I accidentally happened to come across one from this girl i met in minot this summer. And i looked through her past blogs from like june (thats about the time that I met her) to see if she had said anything about me. And sure enough, she had written some degrading crap about me. I printed them off. Now she's gonna pay. So let this be a lesson: When blogging, make sure you don't talk shit about someone you know. Because chances are, they will eventually see it (like I did) and get really pissed off. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Later.
Hi everyone! Well JD nice story maybe you should tell them about the noght at Koldeways!!!! Army rolling? huh? Oh wait what about Zender's!!!Anyway hey what did you think of my minute paper???? Pretty retarded huh???? Well hope everyone is having a great time and see you all tomorrow. Peace out dudes and chicas
Drunk stories, huh? Well, I guarantee you won't be hearing any of mine. If anyone is still having problems with figuring out their "stretch project", let me know. Also, my syllabus page has been updated {<--- found listed over there}. I gave an entire week for all of you (not next week, but the week after) to work on stretch projects- hope that works! Also, I will try to have all papers graded and ready to be picked up (or handed back) by next Thursday if not the Tuesday after. I will keep you posted.
Ok I think this needs to be fun and from everyones minute paper it sounds like most everyone has had a crazy time or two. so lets talk about our craziest/enbarassing drunken story. I know everyone has one. Hell you might of just had it since you got here in college. HMMM!! lets see mine would have to be my Junior year in high school just after I made it to the final 4 in the baseball state tourney. Me and all my baseball buddies had decided that we were going to celebrate and make sure we would remember this night for a long time so we all brought way too much alcohol to my friend Kyles house. well it all started out like most parties just drinking, playing games. I played 3-man (some of you might know this game) and well I was it (3-man) I got so trashed playing that game I didnt know really what was going on any longer so I had to quit or I would of died. Well during the party someone would yell out final 4 and all us drunken baseball players would yell back "final 4 baby" and we all agreed that when ever we heard that we had to down what was in our hand no matter what. Even if you were going to puke. Well later on in the night Kyle and I were so drunk and hungry that we decided to make something in the oven and to all you out there I had the munchies for a reason so I was really out there now. Kyle had a dog one of those shitszu kinds, the really small dogs. Well we decided that we were going to get this dog drunk so we started pouring it on the floor and well he did get drunk. Well soon after that I guess I lost all memory of what happened because I either passed out or just dont remember. But to finish off my story I guess I was pouring water on my head just for the fun of it and then I started pouring beer on my head. By morning I smelt like beer so I believe that. I also heard that I had passed out on the carpet and was literally crying or laughing in my sleep. They didnt know what I was doing laughing or crying but I guess I was laughing and crying like a girl I have absolutely no recolection of what happened that night OH an something that I was also told by my girlfriend who didnt happen to be there but the rumor was that I was humped by a dog. Well any way now for someone else I got things started so lets hear it.
Hey. This is Scott. I hope all of you in the 9:30 class don't think I'm a sick little dog after hearing my funny minute paper about eating my friend in the car. I guess I had a different idea of "funny" than the rest of you did. Well, talk to you later. WORD.

Tuesday, October 8

Hey Guys!! This should be fun Huh...........I think so.
What's up everybody?!?! This is Jessie. Hope everybody has a good night!! Talk to ya'll later.
Hey all, I'm gonna watch some baseball too. Twins are!
I b watchin baseball. GO TWINS!!! Hopefully everyone has a good and safe evening.
I b watchin baseball. GO TWINS!!! Hopefully everyone has a good and safe evening.
Hey every1, i just got this e-mail a while ago, so i figured as long as i weren't doin anything really important i might as well look into it and see what's up. Well i suppose i'll go sit around and be lazy for a while now, i haven't gotten to do that very much yet today, it's been kinda busy, anwayz, later.
Hi sybil! What is everyone up to? Well me just checking email and getting ready to do some practice for softball. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Shauna
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